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Clean your boots and chaps with a brush and/or clear, lukewarm water. Leave to dry for several hours. Then apply the new Cavallo Care Shoecreme with the practical application sponge at the end of the tube.

This was developed by specialists for Cavallo and cares for the upper leather exactly according to Cavallo's requirements.

Black,mocca, grey, fango and taupe coloured as well as blue boots can be treated with our shoe cream in the respective colour.

Please care for all other brown and mixed shades of nappa leather with colourless.

Our shoe polish reactivates the natural pigments in the leather, penetrates deeply into the pores, thereby cares for the material and protects the boots against wetness.

With this care regime you preserve the beautiful appearance of your boots and extend their useful life.

Your Cavallo boots will thank you.


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