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Care tips for Cavallo riding boots

  • some external influences can have a considerable impact on the life and serviceability of the leather horse riding boots, regular and proper care is important.
  • When not in use, the use of boot stretchers is recommended, or stuff the boots with newspaper.
  • When worn, the leather horse riding boots absorb large quantities of moisture:
    • From foot perspiration on the inside

    • From rain or wet ground on the outside

    Cleaning tips

    • Severe outer soiling (e.g. dirt, mud) is best removed using a soft damp sponge or cloth. Do not use hard brushes (e.g. scrubbing brush).

    • Horse sweat, damp dung, liquid manure, etc. are extremely aggressive and leach out the leather. It is therefore important to wash it off immediately to prevent the leather becoming hard and, eventually, brittle. This considerably shortens the life of the boots.

    Drying tips

    • Depending on the extent of wetness, the leather horse riding boots can take at least 24 hours to dry.

    • Do not place near radiators or heaters to dry; a dry, ventilated place is best.

    • If not dried property - too quickly, at too high a temperature - the leather will become brittle and chapped, which can shorten the life of the boots.

    • If worn daily, we recommend alternating between two pairs.

    Tips for proper care

    • Apply a thin and even layer of leather care products to the properly cleaned leather horse riding boots and polish immediately using a soft brush or woolen cloth. Do not allow shoe cream to dry/be absorbed. Please also observe the care tips provided by the manufacturer.

    • Good shoe creams for the appropriate colour of the boots are suitable care products. Cavallo recommends Kiwi shoe cream. It gives the boots polish and is also water repellent.

    • Waterproofing sprays can also be used to protect the soles from external moisture (CFC-free, please).

    Zip fastener care

    • Zip fasteners should be regularly cleaned with a small brush to ensure they close smoothly.

    • Following cleaning, we recommend treating the zip fasteners with a zip fastener cleaning agent to extend their durability.

    • We hope you thoroughly enjoy your Cavallo leather horse riding boots for a long time!

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